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Name:Xion [AU]
Birthdate:Jul 16
A roleplay account for an AU version of Xion from Kingdom Hearts
Played by [personal profile] gorsecloud

AU Summary (Possible Stealth KH3D Spoilers):

When Xion left to track down and defeat the Organization imposter, everything seemed to be going as planned. Until something happened during that fight, something unexpected. Almost like something in her chest was dragging, pulling something else in. Whatever it was, it left both hunter and hunted stunned by what had happened. Xion was the first to recover, and fled the scene.

Upon returning to the Organization, she was quickly intercepted by Saix, who told her that Xemnas wished to speak with her for a status report on her mission. Xion would later be able to recall little of the conversation that happened when Saix had left her with the Superior. What she did remember, was the vague impression (for she could remember no specific words or phrases) that he was talking to someone else entirely, and yet some part of her had understood. From there her memory faded to a blank, until she awoke the next day in her bed.

Things seemed to return to some semblance of normality, at least on the surface. However, Xion found now that there was a stifling, heavy sensation in her chest no matter where she went. What was more, a dark-skinned man with silver hair - like Xemnas and yet not - began to appear in her dreams, whispering things to her that left her uneasy and shaking when she awoke.

Meanwhile, Xion found herself put on more and more difficult missions, one that led her to discover that her powers - usually affiliated with light, like Roxas' - had begun to change and more. She discovered that she had the power of darkness, and the dangers of the foes she faced forced her to rely on it more and more.

This progress began to scare her. Her eyes changed color - from blue to gold. At times it almost felt like her body's reactions while fighting were too automatic, too outside her control. She stopped seeing her friends at the Clock Tower - she couldn't tell Roxas and Axel about this. She couldn't.

And finally, as things grew close to spinning out of control entirely, the Organization imposter appeared again. This time however, instead of fighting, he had an offer. He said he knew what was happening to her, and he also knew why. And if she came with him, he could show her how to control it, just as he'd learned to in the past.

And so she went with him.

Full details on the AU will be in the journal when I get a post up. Said full details will contain more blatant KH3D spoilers.
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